Ironfire / Julie & Geoff / November 13

The blurb is excited: From the acclaimed author of Empires of Sand comes a mesmerizing new adventure. Sweeping from the drawing rooms of Paris to the palace of Suleiman the Magnificent to the dark hold of a slave ship racing across the sea, here is a dazzling story of love and valor, innocence and identity, an epic novel of the clash of civilizations on a barren island where the future was forged.

By David Ball; 2004; 688 pages. Also published as Sword and the Scimitar, 2003.

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RBG / Louise / September 16

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is small, quiet, and studious. And now we realize, she is also pretty amazing.

Your assignment is to dive deep into her world, emerge again, and be prepared to discuss.

Here are resources:

She can do 20 pushups. Check out her workout book.

Note: Our next book is IronFire by David Ball. Start early: 688 pages.

Shoe Dog / Susan & Howard / July 27

While jogging, Mr. Knight had a Crazy Idea. This is his account of what happened next. Nadja will add insights from her time as a babysitter for “Phil the Pill”.

Tidbits: His fastest mile was 4:10. His original storefront was the trunk of his green Pylmouth Valiant. He has a personal hanger at the Hillsboro airport.

Remembering Babylon / Ida & Roger / May 23

David Malouf is the author of ten novels and six volumes of poetry. Remembering Babylon was short-listed for the Booker Prize in 1994. Amazon reviewers characterized this book as imaginative, challenging, and compelling.

A Farewell to Arms / Nicky & Ron / April 13


We read it in school. Now we will understand what it is really about. And how the events of war and culture since 1929 influence our interpretation.

Wikipedia: Hemingway.
Closer Look: useful maps.
Cliff Notes: list of characters.

Just Mercy / Kacey & Bruce / January 26

A powerful memoir about American justice.

“Searing, moving and infuriating. ” – Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times.

“As moving as To Kill a Mockingbird.” – David Cole, The New York Review of Books.

Available at Amazon and WCCLS

Abide With Me / Ida & Roger / December 6

Abide With Me

Time for some leisurely character fiction: cold war, New England, young minister, gossipy parish, many secrets.

Ms. Strout received the Pulitzer Prize for her book Olive Kitteridge and has been honored for other novels.