The River of Doubt / May 19 @ 6:30 / Susan & Howard

The plot sounds like a movie script!

Theodore Roosevelt. The Amazon. Cannibals. Flesh eating bacteria. And, of course, anacondas, piranhas, and sweat bees.

But, it’s all true.

The Washington Post: “truly gripping tale”. New York Times:  “vibrant retelling”.

Links: Ms. Millard’s summary, NYTimes reviewsilent movies of expeditionMr. Roosevelt’s life, Amazon (the bookstore).

One response to “The River of Doubt / May 19 @ 6:30 / Susan & Howard

  1. Geff & Julie

    Our son, Kevin, saw his novel launched last eve at a downtown Dublin bookshop.

    It was launched by Cormac Millar, a crime writer and Trinity professor. Prof. Miliar said Kevin’s book is an important insight into the post-WWI period. He also said the book could not have been published before, since Kevin’s portrayal of divided and unclear loyalties around the time of the “Troubles” would have been too sensitive.

    A friend reports that Kevin spoke well with confidence, as if he launched novels every week. Kevin himself said that the party ended with “kebabs” at 0330. Apparently a culinary bad idea, felt from today.

    Oh, and a review says “a terrific debut”.

    Needless to say, we are very happy and proud.

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