Edgar Sawtelle / May 20 @ 6:00, dinner / Susan & Howard


Note that the date has changed again. Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t. Or so we hope. In any case, May 20 is the day.

The book is Edgar Sawtelle. Lots of pages. To begin, watch Oprah’s interview and peruse the One-Minute Book Review. And if you last read Hamlet in high school, a plot summary and Wikipedia analysis may be useful.

Susan proposes a dinner; she welcomes Wisconsin cuisine ideas per Edgar’s experiences. Send her email with what you might bring.

2 responses to “Edgar Sawtelle / May 20 @ 6:00, dinner / Susan & Howard

  1. I’ve started the book and like it very much. Give yourself plenty of time. It’s big and slow. Immerse yourself!

  2. Susan

    I’m looking forward to reading “Edgar” during Spring Break, after I finish grading all my finals and papers this week……Wish me luck! Arigato again for the delicious (oishii) dinner on Sunday! I hope your Wisconsin cuisine ideas will be more creative than dog food….or hot dogs. (How about hush puppies?) How would you feel about dining at 6:00? BONE appetit!

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