Stubborn Twig / Mar 15 @ 7:00, dinner / Julie & Geff


An important book; worth the effort. I’m glad I stuck with it and took notes.

My updated Images of Internment slides, with additional photographs and links to original sources, are here (8 MB). The history of the 442nd is well worth reading.

To pursue more saké lore, check out the Hillsboro brewery SakéOne and the enthusiast site Saké World.

3 responses to “Stubborn Twig / Mar 15 @ 7:00, dinner / Julie & Geff

  1. Nadja

    Roger great website. We feel organized though I have to remember to write the date in the right month. It would help to put in the time, and if there is dinner, potluck etc. though I am sure you don’t always know the answer to that question. But we are delighted to have a place to go and find the info we need.

  2. Roger

    Susan took pictures of the crew at dinner. As she said “Here is the EVIDENCE in pixels of a lovely evening”. I agree.

  3. Kacey

    I was looking through email and announcements at work at noticed that the Providence Hood River hospital has a “Ray Yasui” dialysis center. The family keeps giving!

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