Becoming / host tbd / date tbd

Michelle Obama’s autobiography. Well received as a revealing story of a remarkable woman. Also received with skepticism and criticism, of course. We may again discuss via a teleconference.

A Piece of the World / Susan / May 1 @ 5:00 via Zoom

A mixture of fact and fiction that reimagines the life of the woman in Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World. 



Available at our libraries and in paperback.

New York Times review
Good Reads book review
Wikipedia details about the painting

The Island of Sea Women / Julie & Geff / January 24

A story set in a unique culture. The setting is the Korean island of Jeju, a small Korean island with a dramatic history and a unique ecosystem. Here, women do dangerous diving work and men take care of the children. The book sweeps thru the age of Japanese colonialism, World War II, the Korean War, to our time of cellphones and wetsuits.

Available at our libraries.

Good Reads book review
Financial Times trip report

The Library Book / Ida & Roger / December 16

In 1986, the Los Angeles Public Library burned. Four hundred thousand books were lost. A New Yorker reporter investigates the event and the history of libraries.

We will study a mystery, meet memorable characters, and learn odd facts. A fun book for book lovers.

The Last Palace / Susan & Howard / October 23

The author moved into the ambassador’s residence in Prague and discovered hidden swastikas. He investigated. This book is the startling history of this building and its occupants.

Note: An extra credit assignment is to also read Never Stop Walking, by Christina Rickardsson. This is her journey from poverty in Brazil, to education in Sweden, and beyond.

The Winter Soldier / Nicky & Ron / July 16

The Winter Soldier

An intense novel of war, medicine, and romance set in World War I.

The New York Times liked it: “Brims with improbable narrative pleasures. Pages crackle with excitement. A spectacular success.” Also liked by the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and NPR.

Note: Nicky & Ron ask that we bring appetizers and wine. We will nibble and converse elegantly in a common room at their new residence, Holladay Park Plaza.

Fascism: A Warning / Kacey & Bruce / May 21

fascism [fash-iz-uh m] : a political movement that follows the principles and methods of Mussolini in Italy 1922-1944.

This book examines its methods, revival, and danger. Secretary Albright was U.S. Secretary of State and is a World War II refugee from Czechoslovakia. Chosen as a Best Book of 2018 by The Economist.

Some reviewers noted that the audio version, read by the author, was clear and powerful.